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In April, Country Carers (CC) celebrated twenty years of giving and caring in the community. Jayne Graham started the company from the garage of her home in Icklesham, initially starting up on her own but after two months taking on two members of staff. CC is a small family-oriented company which employs over twenty carers chosen for their level of professionalism and their dedication to their clients.

Jayne explains how it all began: “I had cared for Alan Park’s wife Rae (Rachel) whilst working for another care provider. Then I left that company, took time out and one day bumped into Alan in Hastings. He explained Rae was in a care home, but he wished she could be at home and asked me if I would care for Rae. I visited Rae in the care home and eventually I cared for her at home. The business expanded from there through word of mouth and recommendations.”

Things have changed over the last twenty years and certainly some of the changes have caused a knock-on effect for CC. Cutbacks to adult social care, staff shortages and of course Covid 19 have all taken their toll but Jayne and her team have stood firmly together and carried on with their sterling work.

Jayne is always filled with pride when she recalls how many families of clients who have passed away have kept in touch with her and the staff as many had become close acquaintances. They show Jayne and her team how much the work that they do is respected and what a difference it has meant to the families in troubled times.

Rachel Moth, administrative assistant at CC, said: “On a private note, I’m sure other long-standing carers like myself will agree that Jayne is a kind, caring woman who will and has done all she can for any of her clients and would do all she could to ensure their wishes are adhered to. She is an inspiration to so many.”

On the day of celebrations CC held a raffle and made £1,600 for their chosen charities. Jayne topped it up to £2,000.

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